Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Not a lot going on this week, so I thought an update on the diabetes management would be a good thing to write on.

Even though I have been off of all medications since July of 2011, I still test daily, usually three times per day. Up until recently I had been very pleased with my readings, but over the past two months they have been slowly climbing back up and so has my weight.

There is a definite correlation between weight management and diabetes.

So, what happened.

Well, back in August of 2012 my Doctor said don't lose any more weight. What I heard was go ahead and fudge on your food plan. Guess I better get my ear and brain connection checked, something seems a bit broke.

At any rate, a little extra here and a little extra there ended up in a 40 lb weight gain from August to January

If your diabetic, at least in my experience, there is no such thing as returning to my old way of eating. Everything must be weighed and measured and for me my overall calorie intake must not exceed 2500 calories in any one day and preferable about 2000 calories.

Also, that means for me, I must stick to my meal plan which is fairly well balanced nutritionally and supplement with a good multivitamin. Don't underestimate proper nutrition , especially if your diabetic.A really good supplement that I have found can be checked out here: 
A friend of mine distributes this supplement and if you like what you see on the web site you can contact him to order or get more Info at His name is Terry, tell him Les sent you.

Well, I have been back on my food plan about three weeks now and am seeing results already. I dropped about 6 lbs and am seeing lower blood sugar readings.

Food cravings make it hard to stay on a food plan. In the past I suffered from food cravings really bad and I have learned that there are two types of cravings; emotional and physical.

Honestly, most of my cravings were of the emotional type, pent up anger, fear and failed expectations were the primary culprits. Here my re-found relationship with Jesus has definitely helped. Learning how to forgive and relying on Him has really stabilized my emotions and when they do get out of whack I have an understanding ear to bend anytime, any place and if I trust Him he can deal with it.

The physical cravings, I have learned, can be caused by poor nutrition. These type of cravings usually demand a certain kind of food whereas the emotional cravings don't seem to be as food specific, though usually sugar, flour or greasy food products fit the bill, especially if they are in large quantities.

For more information on nutritional cravings here is a website I found helpful:

Bottom line here is if you crave foods even after you have ate, then check out your emotional state first, then consider your nutrition and pray about it. The right answer will come if you seek it.

Staying on a food plan for the diabetic is critical, if you don't and your a truck driver, better plan or retiring early with a great medical insurance plan cause your gonna need it.

Keep the rubber side down and God Bless


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Well winter is finally here.

From the Illinois border to Loves at exit 168 Newton, Iowa I think I counted 20 cars and six semi's in the ditch, something is wrong with this picture. There isn't a load worth my life so my policy is if chains are required, it's time to park.

Back in the days when I ran Donner Summit everyday, that wasn't my policy, but I guess with age comes wisdom.

At any rate, I have not yet in 20 years had a accident caused by slick roads, (knock on wood). I don't think it's because of anything more than snow and ice scare the heck out of me. I slow down or find somewhere safe to park until the road crews have done their job and then a bit longer for the brain dead to get on down the road.

Yes, there are brain dead drivers out there. They are easy to identify. They tailgate, they drive way to fast for conditions, they cut in and out of traffic no matter how heavy. These drivers clearly don't understand that they are at risk of loosing everything the own or ever want to own. Law suites involving semi's are expensive and aren't won by the driver very often. Perhaps they don't know working for a company doesn't exempt them from lawsuits, especially if there is a fatality.

At any rate it's past my bed-time but wanted to make a quick entry since I have now been back on the road for three weeks, it still sucks.

While home I did put a bit of weight back on but now am back on track. Still free from any type of diabetes drugs all though I have seen a bit of increase in the blood sugar with the weight gain.

In a future post I will tell you all about my experience with short term disability  A word to the wise don't waste a moment trying to get your benefits on your own, hire an attorney immediately it's worth it.

I did finish my second book. It is still being edited but it is available as a free download  here I had mentioned in a previous post that I had returned to my childhood faith and that is the subject of this book. I really don't know how I did this job for so long without a working faith in God, now the loneliness and boredom is so much easier to deal with and those difficult people we all meet are much less difficult when I practise my faith.

Keep the rubber side down and God Bless