Saturday, May 10, 2014


Just sitting waiting on another driver to do a trailer swap. Nearly as bad as sitting at a receiver waiting to be unloaded hours after your appointment that you were early for. Nearly as bad, but not quite, easier because he is a fellow trucker.

Just got the call from him so will be out of here and headed home in about an hour.

Life in a big truck gives one a lot of time for thinking and reading, but not a lot of time for family and freinds. I don't get lonely but often feel the emptiness of not having close freinds. And honestly even though I have been married now for 13 years to the same woman I don't feel like I realy know her. When I am at home it's a whirlwind of chores so we just don't really have time to be together. It's no wonder so many truckers are divorced.

I am just kind of rambling today so guess I'll call it quits and get off here.

Keep the rubber side down.