Saturday, September 7, 2013


Hi all

Boredom can be a killer, especially in our line of work, boredom can cause us to drift our attention off the road and our rigs into the ditch.
Boredom can cause our imaginations to drift into all sorts of chaotic thoughts that can disturb our minds and truly distract us from doing our Jobs.
Then there are those long 10 hour breaks and even longer 34 hour breaks on the road that can really get boring if you don't find some kind of entertainment.
One of the things I have done for the past few years is teach myself to play the harmonica to fill in those long miles and boring breaks, it keeps the mind and hands from becoming idle and the mind from being dull.
Harmonicas are wonderful, they are still somewhat inexpensive, can be played with one hand and take no special skill to learn. Also, they take very little of that precious space in the sleeper.
Here are a couple of the tunes I have learned to play:
Play Music - Share Audio - Put your hand in the hand
Listen Music - Upload Audio - 09 13 How Great Tho Art
Embed Music - Embed Audio Files - Angels we have heard on High

As I am sure you can hear you don't have to be perfect, after all it is mostly for your own entertainment but who knows you may be the next Buddy Green.
I have seen Harmonicas for purchase at a few of the bigger TA's and of course most Wall Marts have a good cheap one with instructions. Give it a try I need a few guys to jam with so I can get better.