Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hi all, once again it's been too long since my last post, been busy with other writing projects so this one kinda got pushed to the side.

Just about a month ago I got grounded again over health issues, this time cataracts, thought I had just gotten a bad set of glasses so, set an appointment with my optometrist and after explaining to him what was going on he said let me take a quick look and thirty seconds later he says, "advanced cataract disease both eyes". What that means is I am nearly legally blind and can't go back to work until I have had the surgery in both eyes.

The left eye was scheduled for surgery last Tuesday but since the insurance company is allowed to discontinue you without notice and can take their sweet time in getting out the COBRA paperwork and processing the payment, I arrived for surgery only to be turned away. Of course the Insurance recived our payment that afternoon. What is really pissing me off isn't that so much as now they are re-instating me from the first of the month, when they had cancelled my coverage and charging me for 20 some odd days that I didn't have coverage. In my ever humble opinion this is a form of theft, what other industry do you know of that can charge you for services not given?

One of the other projects I have been working on is getting my book "So, You Want To Be A Truck Driver", available through Amazon, which it now is, and I have lowered the price. If you know some one who is thinking about launching into truck driving as a new career you may want to get them a copy of this book as my perspective is very different from others who have written on this subject. I tell stories from my career, have some new photos and of course kept the twelve question personality test to see if the perspective driver has what it takes to be one of us "road warriors".  You can get it here:
So, You Want To Be A Truck Driver
You can even preview some of it at the above link.

All writers ought to edit others work once in a while it helps to improve your own skill and that is one of the other projects I have been working on. If the author decides to take her work public I'll let you know here.

And I am working on another book, this one is a departure from what i have been writing about but is just as important. A driver must maintain his physical health, mental health and spiritual health to be a true professional, (in my ever humble opinion anyway). So, my next book will be about my spiritual beliefs and is currently titled, "The Ten Commandments, a guide to Holiness", I hope to have it available by January 2013.

Got to sign off for now, keep the rubber side down.