Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Job 03-04-02013

I've been on a new job for about a week now and really appreciate my weight loss even more than before since I have gone back to “flat-bedding”.
Up till now I hadn't written anything about the CSA rules cause I don't like reporting on rumors and speculation when I can avoid it, but my new Safety Director put a lot of emphasis on it in orientation. I have a clean CSA score so I have not been to concerned with it since I am a professional and conduct myself accordingly.
For those who don't know, the CSA is a scoring system based on safety issues such as inspections, log books, traffic citations and accidents. It will eventually be the basis’s for issuance ratings on the company and the employ ability of the driver. So, right now it isn't a big issue for the driver but it will be soon enough.
The bottom line here is; be a professional and it wont make a difference to you.
Most of my new companys violations is Log book not being current, there is no reason for this, if you can drive you can draw a line, so do it.
The second most common violation received by this company is light violations, let's face it guys sometimes lights do burn out while driving but in most cases if the pre trip is done then light violations wont happen as much..
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