Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tailgating Disaster

Hi all.

Took this photo on I-40 near the North Carolina and Tennessee border  a few days ago. It's a bit blurry thanks to the lousy camera that's in my phone but what your looking at is three Fed X trucks the two in the rear are tailgating, each being less than 1 second away from each other. The speed was 65 mph.

Now why am I putting this on a blog about truckers health? The answer is because it's hard to be healthy when your dead. Also, any discussion about health that does not include mental health seriously lacks full content.

Those of us that don't eat well while we are on the road and gain lot's of weight are just like these Fed X drivers who are asking for trouble. That said there is the mental health issues as well. Loneliness, boredom, fatigue, anger at other drivers, customers or dispatch all add to our overall health picture.

In my case I had to learn new ways of dealing with these emotional issues while and after loosing the weight. The food was a drug of sorts to help me deal with all the above mentioned mental issues. What has worked for me has been developing a relationship with the God of the Bible. It's amazing how much better I feel after I say a quick prayer for numbskulls like the ones in this photo, shure I still think they are lunatics driving this way but I don't have to be mad or afraid over others foolish behavior and I don't have to eat to numb out those feelings.

Most drivers I have talked to are believers though you churchy folks wouldn't think so cause we are still a bit coarse in our language and the nature of the job keeps us from attending church regular, but most of us have a spirituality that comes from personal experiences. I will relate some of mine some time here on this blog.

Tailgating, like the guys in this photo is dumb, it is asking for real trouble and yes you may get away with it for years but someday you wont. The same is true with our health, keep doing the unhealthy thoughts and behaviors and you may get away with it for years but then there will come that day when the guy ahead slams on his brakes,and guess what, game over.