Friday, July 25, 2014


"I Don't have the time to eat healthy",I can't tell you how many times I have used and heard this truly lame excuse for not eating healthy while on the road! That excuse is especially lame now, since we must take the mandatory 30 minute break we are all complaining about.

Let's get honest guys, the fact is you do have time you just don't want to do it.

Look at the meal in the picture at the right. I guarantee it took less time to fix than standing in line at Mcdonalds. I can guarantee it because I made it. Half a 12 oz. bag of salad mix a few slices of onion and tomato, as well as a few slices of cucumber from our garden, a can of tuna and a can of green beans, all under 8 minuets, heck, took me longer to eat it than to make it. So don't give me that lame old excuse,"I don't have time to fix healthy meals while on the road". I have two words for you B.S..

Let's consider the long term situation.

Keep eating at Micky D's or getting those footlongs at Subway and the oversized sodapops and the bags of chips, cookies etc. at the truck stops and I guarantee you your body will rebel. Diabetes, sleep apnea, heart and vascular diseases are all from poor nutrition and a lack of exercise. Lets face it, our way of life is a formula for physical disaster. We aren't just sedentary we are Super Sedentary. Of course there are exceptions and if your one of them please pass this article on to a fellow trucker.

For years I said I didn't have time to eat right while working, I was lying. First came sleep apnea, the mandatory yearly sleep studies are expensive and require an overnight stay at a sleep lab. There is the nap study which takes just an afternoon but what a pain.

Then came diabetes. I then had to learn something about nutrition and controlled it for a few years with diet but the day came when the good old excuse was once again employed and I soon lost control again and couldn't get motivated to regain control, that in time lead to being put on insulin.

Truckers if you are put on insulin work is done until you get a waiver from the FMCSA.It took me 10 months to get that waiver, thats a whole bunch of time. The waiver procedure requires that you have an endocrinologist and optometrist and see them every three months, not cheap without insurance or an income. And, unemployment in most states will not cover you during this time. Disability, forget it if you can work doing something else like cashier at Micky D's or greeter at Wall Mart.

So for every dollar you spend at one of the fast food restaurants or the junk food isles at the truck stops you better save two dollars for you future medical needs or you can take the time to eat right now and avoid the future health problems of wasted time and loss of income.

Your choice, spend a few minuets now making a healthy choice or spend months or years paying for it.

Keep the rubber side down.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cooking on the road

Hi all. I know its been awhile since I posted last,I was on medical leave again. This time for emergency eye surgery.

I want to tell you all about this awesome fathers day gift I received from one of my daughters. Its the Road Pro portable oven 

I am sure you all have seen them in the truck stops. They sell for around 30 dollars and so far I am most pleased with it. 

The company I currently work for will not install my invertor so I have been without a microwave and hot meals the Road Pro portable oven has solved that problem.

So far I have cooked the stew you see in the photo,  poached eggs, hot dogs and baked potatoes. It does take a little time to heat up but once started it cooks!!

The stew took about an hour, the baked potato about an hour and a half and about 15 minuets for hot dogs.

You do want to use the trays or buy throw away bread pans to make clean up easier. For my eggs I line the inside with foil and put in about 1/2 cup water, some onions, eggs on top, plug it in and about 20 minuets Am ready to eat.

One draw back is you must be carful opening the lid as you can get a steam burn.

Enough for now. Keep the rubber side down.