Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stuck in Shelbyville, IN this afternoon, thanks to a slow, like frozen molasses slow, shipper  in Alabama. Why bother with appointment times if they aren't going to keep them. Of course, I still could have made it here in time to off load if it wasn't for those stupid HOS rules. Missed the delivery time by 1 hour, ugh.
Oh, well at least it gives me time to write this post. What's the old saying, "you gotta make lemonade when handed lemons"?

Thought I would update you on my health progress since this blog is supposed to be about truckers health.

Last July the Doc told me to quit losing weight so I added a few calories to my food plan and well, I guess, I added a few too many and quickly went back up to 210 lbs. My wife is happier as she said I looked sick at 180. The insurance charts say I should be at 160 for my height and build, but as we all know insurance companies don't live in the real world. I could use a few more pounds off as my blood sugar averages have climbed up into the one-teens, but that is still considered normal so I am not too worried about it.

Since it's been a long time (a little over a year) since I last published my food plan here is a link to it

A diagnosis of diabetes does not have to be as scary for us (truck drivers) as it once was. If you discipline yourself to eating healthfully. Leave the truck stop garbage in the truck stop, park a bit farther away so you have to walk some and deal with the emotional issues in a healthy way, then you can get control of this disease.