Monday, April 16, 2018

New Book From Les

Hi all, I know this blog is about Trucking and perhaps knowing the nature of  many drivers associating us with Jesus the Christ just seems an oxymoron but it is not. Many of us drivers are followers of Jesus.

I have been writing spiritual, Christ based books for some time now and this is my latest. You can check out my site or purchase a book by following the link below. Thank-you

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Driving, is it worth it?

Got Royaly Screwed this morning!

I have been back driving since I got my waiver for insulin use. l came back as a part timer, driving about 500 to 800 miles a week to make up for the loss of income by being a dispatcher.

Since I know others besides me have wondered about what it would be like to get off the road I will share my experience with you.

A bit of history first.

I began comercialy driving as a gopher for a wardrob door company back in the 1980's. From there I moved to 10 wheelers and in 1989 had gotten my CDL. It was not until 1994 that I began driving the "big steel".

In 2009 I had been put on insulin and was able to get a wavier in 2010. By 2011 I had gotten completly off all meds including insulin so I let the waiver drop.(The requirments to maintain a waiver are very expesive in time and money)

Then I quit smoking in July 2014. I put 130 pounds back on and ended up back on insulin.

While I was waiting for the new waiver a dispatch oppertunity came up and knowing my disability was going to run out before I got my waiver, I jumped at the oppertunity.

I dont regret that decision, I love working in dispatch however I must report that it cost me about $200.00 a week in wages. And, ruined an already shakey marriage.

It was worth it though. It is so nice to be able to sleep in my own bed most nights, have freindships, attend social functions or just lounge in my easy chair in front of the TV.

Since I got my wavier I have been able to "make up" some of the money by driving part time, however after today I am wondering if I shouldnt find a part time "real" job.

The ELB is the problem. Our company uses Peoplenet. Our complience people are reactionairy and parinoid about drivers abusing the system.

So here is what happened in as short a version as I can muster.

I made a 3 am delivery about 4.5 hours from our terminal, my plan was to take a 8 hour break since I was tired and then return to the terminal, that was my first mistake, I should have driven exahusted since after about six hours of sleep I got up with a full colan and bladder and drove about 100 yards to get to a rest room, second mistake.

I HAD to go and I mean now! Well, that was my third mistake because I could not wait for the computor to find and connect with the network.

As a result the PEOPLNET SYSTEM automaticly put me into drive. Imagine my shock when I returned to the truck to find I had been driving while I was shitting for 6 minuets!

Now comes my next shock, complience is unwilling to correct the overzelous complience device.

Then the big boss is willing to back complience!

Then I called Peoplenet to inform them of said errors and see if they could do anything about it and they were understanding, informative, but not helpful. And told me that this is called an "undocked event" they said our complience office could change it.

I explained to them complience was unwilling to since there had been an overzelous DOT officer that had caused our company some "discomfort" over a similar incident, these are the kind of cops that smear the good name of all cops, it is assumed by these kind of officers that all truck drivers are liers and slim balls, some are, but, that is another story for another day.

Peoplenet also informed me that our company had not opted for the "personal convaince" option on 'off duty' which would have solved this problem (complience could have changed my "driving" to "PC" if that option was available).

So, how did I get screwed? I now must sit for another 8 hours, for a grand total of about 15.5 hours in order to complie with the unreasonablness of complience, and the increadibly stupid FMCSA HOS.

Yes, saftey of the public is supposed to be inhanced by these rules but, they are not!

In this current example I will be tired when I am finally am able to roll since I got too much sleep to be able to sleep now. The 14 hour rule causes us to have to ignore our bodies in order to get the job done.

The split sleeper berth is a complete train wreck and better serves the attornys then the public.

In all fairness the outlaw drivers of the past and the unbalenced reporting by the press of these outlaw drivers has been the cause of overzelous and shallow thinking of our regulators. But, the regulators unwillingness to be reasonable and make adjustments when experience shows their error is eventually going to cause a whole new class of outlaw drivers who will be far more dagerous than the previous class of outlaw drivers.

The fact is the vast majority of drivers are not outlaws.

We are just average guys and gals trying to make a reasonable living in a dangerous job that our economy can not do without. People may have to learn to do without some day or begin to pay very high prices for anything that moves to market on a truck, which is everything! You can thank your Regulators and attornys when that does happen.

How did I get royaly screwed today? My time is being infringed upon without pay due to unreasonablenes at several different levels. All because I had a basic human need and needed to drive a short distence to provide for it.


Good regulation requires compassion and ressonableness.  FMCSA HOS has neither.

Is driving worth it? Iam not sure anymore.

PS I hope I do not get fired for expressing my opinion when my bosses see this and they will see it cause I will send it to them. I love my job and I love my company but wrong is wrong.

Evil will persist when good men say or do nothing.

As far as I know our company, like many others did nothing to stop these new and harmfull FMCSA (Federa Motor Carrier Safety Administration) HOS (Hours Of Service) regulations.

Rant Done!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

No Longer Driving

Sorry I have not been posting on this blog anymore. I am not on the road as I have been benched due to being put back on insulin. I have taken a job as a dispatcher for the same company I drove for and boy what a difference.

Loving being home, but my wife didn't like it so much so she packed up and left, just been me and 4 of my furry, four footed, children and I have been loving it. Someday I may write about it but it would be in bad taste to write about it now.

At any rate My God has had me busy writing books for Him so I would like you to check  out my web site at: 

My last blog was on Human Nature. My first two books are free downloads on this site.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

What do you do with your "Down Time?"

Review for free here
Hi all, I don't know what you do on your breaks or those long waits at shippers and receivers, but for the past 8 or 9 years I have filled that time with researching and writing  books.

My first book was "So, You Want to be a Truck Driver". This book approaches the subject from a very different perspective than most other of books with similar titles. It is geared to the wanna-be driver and gives a 12 question quiz to see if you got what it takes to be a great driver. Christmas is coming soon and if you know someone considering doing what we do, spend the $9.95 to get this book for them, it very well could be the best Christmas present ever for that person and could save them from making a huge mistake.

My second and third books came after I came back to my faith in my God who has helped me to get my Diabetes under control and allowed me to go back to work after having been put on Insulin. Those two books can be downloaded for free from my website or you can purchase them through the website at a discount. These two books are about how a Christians should use the Ten Commandments to improve their walk with God.

Then came the book,"Yahweh, the God Who Speaks and How to Hear Him", the title tells the subject. But, to peak your interest a bit, I go through the Bible and show how God has spoke to all of His people in the distant past and then give the basics one needs to know to open those 'inner ears' that you might be able to hear the Masters voice and know for sure it is Him.  I published this book last year but found quit a few mistakes so I revised it and republished today. You can get a free copy for review at the link below the picture of the cover, or you can get it on Amazon, Kindle or from my website. (the revision will not be available on Kindle for a day or two and on Amazon until next week).

And of course my most recent book is the one I published this year titled " The Lazy Man's Guide to Managing Type Two Diabetes". This book is also very different from books about this subject as I have disclosed from a personal perspective what I have learned and what I have done to control my own disease. I was diagnosed in 2010 during a routine CMV physical, I did manage with pills ok until 2006 when things began to get out of control. Then in 2009, the doctors decided insulin was my only option, needless to say I had to leave the profession. I lost almost a years work (10 months) before I received my waiver from the FMCSA, during that year I learned a, new to me, way of managing my disease which is easy, doesn't require exercise and any truck driver (really anyone) can do it, if he wants to.

So, if you are on pills right now or know someone who is, spend the few bucks to learn this easy method to stay off drugs and keep on trucking. This disease is progressive and the longer you wait the longer it takes to get it under control and the grater risk for permanent damage to your body. You can get it here The Lazy Man's guide to Managing Type Two Diabetes or you can get it on Amazon.

If you decide to start writing books during your down time like I have, you don't have to go through the rejection process of the traditional publishers to get your words into print, you can use the print on demand houses like I have. There are several, but I recommend, you can order one or a thousand, or more at wholesale prices. They have editing and cover design available for a price, but publishing and getting into distribution channels (like Amazon) is free. They also have marketing packages available if you don't wish to do your own marketing.

Well enough for now. Please buy one of my books, (you can find the all here) and keep the rubber side down.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Overcoming type 2 Diabetes

Hi all,

I know it's been a long time since I wrote here, I have been busy with other writing projects, and moving, and making a living. Writing is just a hobby for me to kill those long hours waiting on dispatches, receivers or on a reset like I am today.

At any rate one of those writing projects is done and now available on Kindle. You can get it here:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

This book is a short 42 page book that outlines my struggles and victories over this disease which is so common in our industry.

If you know anyone that has been diagnosed with this disease I would (and they would) appreciate your passing this book on to them.

If you prefer a printed edition, that is also available on Amazon or Createspace or just go down to your local bookstore and ask them to order it for you.

I have been winning the battle against type 2 Diabetes for about four years now by using this simple diet based method and felt that many more could benefit from my experience. I believe that most Type 2's will benefit from this simple to implement, life changing, method.

Keep the rubber side down and until next time God Bless.

PS you can also like to my Author Page on Face Book here:

Friday, November 14, 2014

Is excersise overated?

I have been doing a lot of thinking on this subject lately as I have had some weight return (about 45 lbs). Being a truck driver I dont get much in the way of excersise, then when I get home its a flurry of movment to get chores done and I am sore for the next two or three days.

Ever since basic training I have hated the very word excersise so I decided I would do a little research into it.

It takes burning 3500 calories to loose one pound of body fat.  Okay, so how much excersise would I have to do to do that?

The answear is, a lot!!!
Check out the chart on this web site:

Not very engouraging.

But, its not just the burning of callories thats important.

I learned that excersise strengthens the heart, incresses blood flow, reduces bad cholesterol, uses excess sugar, improves resperation and incresse the basel metabolic rate wich in turn incresses the amount of calories you burn while sitting on your behind.

I have also found a web site that has exercise that are specific to truck drivers:

Now the real question is will I do it?

So far the answer is No!

I want to change that but how does one overcome a lifetime of hatred towards a healthy accctivity?

I' ll get have to get back to you when I get it figured out. Till then keep the rubbber side down.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Is trucking "Fun"?

I was asked recently by a young cashier at a truck stop, " Is trucking fun?" I told her it depends on what you mean by fun.

She countered with, "... you get to see a lot of the country".

I said, "yes that true, whatever is on the side of the road".

I think that is a comman misconception of our profession by the general public. They really belive somehow that we are professional tourist. Nothing could be fruther from the truth.

They just don't get it that in order for them to have all the great goodies they can get at Wallmart someone had to bring it from somewhere and in a timely manner.

They just don't get it that we don't have time to go see Mt. Rushmore (even if we could get the truck there). The job is drive from poinnt A to poinnt B as fast as possiable so we can wait while the reciver or shipper takes thier sweet time to take the product off or put it on.

Yep, drive, sleep,drive, sleep and drive some more. Who has time for fun?

And home time is for many of us a mad rush to get all the chores done that had been neglected while we were away.

Fun? who has the time?

But the human machine doesn't  work well without some kind of "fun". We have to relax and release the tensions of the day. For me I read or play computer games or write, but every once in awhile the bordom and stress builds up and I just have to stop and 'veg out'.

So driver, what do you do for fun? I would like to know. Leave your comment. Thanks.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Manageable bits and pieces

Out with the old and in with the new. A term usually reserved for New Years, but today I am going to use it to describe the beginning of our Kitchen remodel.

If you have ever thought that home time for a trucker is the same as for the rest of the world, you would be most mistaken. I had been out for three weeks, got home friday afternoon, mowed about 1/4 acre, and began the project pictured on the left the next morning.

Finished this counter top Sunday night and started packing for another two week run. I have an 10 hour drive ahead of me today to get my load unloaded tomorrow bright and early. I had asked for today off because today is my 14th wedding anniversary to the most patient, loving , tolerant woman, I have ever known.

What makes truckers home time different than the rest of the worlds is that we have to live our lives in bits and pieces. There is still one more counter to resurface but I cannot start a project over the weekend and continue it through the week should it take longer than I estimated so, manageable bits and pieces.

The same is true for our relationships with family and friends. Relationships take time to develop so as you might guess truckers have few real friends. I have been living were I currently reside for over eight years now and I know few people and have no friends. Family takes all of my time when I am not caring for the home they live in.

Home time is dictated by the freight, and your ability to tolerate the long hours, boredom and your need for money. Every time I go home it costs about two to three hundred dollars on the next paycheck so, as I have said in my book, "So You Want To Be A Truck Driver" this job is not a job but a lifestyle. Not all are cut out for it, buy my book before you ever invest a single dime in this way of life, many are fooled by the clever advertising of the truck schools and driver teaching companies.

 Anyway will be late if I don't put it in gear so, till next time keep the rubber side down.